Automated Dig-to-Dump Material Tracking

Load/haul operations represent real opportunities to improve material moved per shift, lower cost per ton moved and accelerate mass haul operations. With Trimble Smart Haul, you can track productivity and progress of load/haul operations to ensure you are on target to achieve your goals. Smart Haul combines payload data from the excavator scale with haul fleet monitoring and cloud reporting to identify opportunities to move material with greater speed and efficiency.

Machine and Material Tracking

Track productivity and progress of Load haul fleet, making sure you are running to target and on time.

Automated Data Collection

Data that you can trust, without operator interaction.

Insight Dashboards

Identify delays, under-utilization and bottlenecks for load/haul process improvement and find opportunities for additional productivity.

Mixed Fleet Compatible

Smart Haul can be fitted to any make or model of excavator, haul truck or ADT to gather all your production data in one location or connect to your database via the API.

Fast Install and Calibration Time

Factory-trained local installers can install and calibration the system often in less than one day so machines are up and running faster.