The next generation of onboard weighing systems inspired by smart devices.
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Stay on top of every load using the powerful new Loadrite L5000 wheel loader scale. With a modern and easy-to-use interface, built-in connectivity and best-in-class weighing, you can maximize every load with accurate data you can count on. Connect machines, people and the office to make bulk material handling management easier, safer, and more efficient. Capture activity and enable performance improvements with real-time insights and streamlined ticketing capabilities. The L5000 is the ultimate choice for any bulk material handling operation.

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Ticket Your Way

Ticket the way that works for your operation. Get a hard copy printed directly from the loader or send the load ticket to a remote printer at the gate to collect on departure.* Digitize your tickets and neve lose one again with eTickets. Send load tickets or load summaries directly to any email address, removing the need for truck drivers to exit the cab and enabling faster truck turnaround.

InsightHQ (Optional)

With built-in WiFi and GPS, the L5000 is InsightHQ ready. Get production and performance metrics clearly presented in a simple dashboard. Visualize activity in real time or play back the shift to improve productvity. See daily totals or totals per loader to track progress against targets and take action. With customizable transaction reports you can get a summary as well as detailed transactions for each customer. Access your real time stockpile inventory from your smart device anywhere, anytime.