Scrap Recycling

Scrap recycling, as much as any other industry, needs accurate weighing and reporting systems such as wheel loader scales, excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, and reporting systems. Loadrite™ solutions  provide the durable, accurate weighing systems your industry demands.


Loading out scrap metal, recycled automobiles, and waste fluff from processing equipment is difficult work. Loads like crushed cars are bulky and weights vary greatly. Fluff loads headed to landfills are light weight, and difficult to load accurately without turning around loads to add or remove material. Risking overloads is no longer an option, the cost of fines or returned shipments is too great. Truck, rail, and ship transportation is increasingly expensive; loading right the first time saves money.

No matter what you are loading, rail, truck, or ship, tracking material is crucial. State and Federal government, plus your shipping partners want to know you are tracking which material, and how many tons you are moving on their roads, rails, and ports. Combine your Loadrite™ systems with MMS Productivity Software to get an electronic record of every shipment.

Are you a processor?

Track the efficiency of your shredders and balers with Loadrite™ systems. Depending on your particular equipment, you can track tons as you load your plant or unload your finished stockpiles using our wheel loader scales or excavator scales, as the material moves through your plant using our conveyor belt scales.

Contact your local, factory trained Loadrite™ distributor to see how we can help you.